Winter Park Stars

Come in and meet our All-Star teams, the Winter Park Stars!


2018-2019 WP STARS

All-Star Cheerleading Information

May Clinics

Practice and improve skills for the whole month of May: four weeks, two days a week.

Level 1/2’s (back handsprings and under):
May 8th 5:30-7:30                                        May 10th 5:30-7:30
May 15th 5:30-7:30                                       May 16th 5:00-6:30
May 22nd 5:30-7:30                                     May 24th 5:30-7:30
May 29th 5:30-7:30                                      May 31st 5:30-7:30

Level 3/4’s:
May 7th 5:30-7:30                                        May 9th 5:30-7:30
May 14th 5:30-7:30                                      May 16th 6:30-8:00
May 21nd 5:30-7:30                                     May 23rd 5:30-7:30
May 28th 5:30-7:30                                     May 30th 5:30-7:30

Team Placements

May 17th:
Any tumbling less than a back handspring

May 18th
Back handsprings and up
* If you have a spotted back handspring, please come on Thursday and we may invite you back on Friday.


Contact us if you are interested in becoming a WP STARS Cheerleader either via email ( or call 321-972-6945.


We offer a half-season team called STARLITE. This team is created for athletes who do fall spirit cheerleading such as Pop Warner, AAU, CFYFL, high school sideline cheer. This team competes in 3 comps and practices 2 times per week. All ages and levels are welcome.

 We are still accepting new athletes! If you are interested, please contact our office at 321-972-6945

Competitive Team Practice Schedule
S2 – 5:30-7:45
S4 – 6:15-8:15

Mini 1 – 5:00-6:30
J1 – 5:30-7:30
J2 – 5:00-7:15

Tumbling Classes-
Ages: 8 and under: 5:00-6:00
Ages: 9 and up: 6:00-7:00



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